Did you know that out of all of the 999 calls we receive, only a small number of patients require a visit to hospital. Here at SECAmb we recognise that, for a lot of people, a trip to A&E can be a daunting prospect. This is why we are committed to providing the right care, first time to all of our patients.

We do this by offering a range of treatment options depending on the severity of each situation. Our call centre staff are trained to assess patients over the phone and send out the most appropriate response which meets the needs of the patient.

This can include:

  • An emergency ambulance response for life-threatening situations
  • A Critical Care Paramedic who can provide treatment on scene for the critically injured e.g. a car accident
  • A Paramedic Practitioner who can provide treatment in the home for minor injuries caused by falls or burns
  • Clinical advice provided over the phone by a nurse or paramedic when appropriate
  • We also work with our partners to provide referrals to a GP, Community Nurse or Mental Health Team

All of this means that each patient receives the care they need and we can reduce the number of visits to hospital giving our patients the best possible experience during what is usually an upsetting and emotional time.

In this section you can also find some useful first aid advice and find out about the many ways we work with the public to save many more lives.

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