As a Foundation Trust, we are committed to being a research active organisation that is recognised as a world-class provider of emergency and urgent care by improving clinical outcomes and patient experience. We do this through the safe implementation of innovation, service evaluation and research findings.

The importance of working closely with other health and social care agencies, academic partners and industry is seen by the Trust as key to its success when driving forward the safe adoption and spread of innovation and best practices grounded in evidence.

Research into unscheduled emergency and urgent care has grown rapidly over the last decade in the UK and it is important that we capitalise on available opportunities to expand the evidence base underpinning paramedic practice and the provision of out-of-hospital unscheduled and urgent healthcare services.

Research, innovation and service evaluation cannot stand in isolation from the Trust’s other activities. These endeavours need to be linked in and between the Trust’s stated objectives, woven into the very supporting fabric that is South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

The Trust seeks to develop a culture where research, innovation and service evaluation is valued and supported as an integral part of the organisation.  This will allow the Trust to be recognised locally, nationally and internationally for:

  • the quality of its research;
  • its engagement in collaborative research with health and social care partners, academic institutions and industry.
  • being able to translate the products of its research into measurable benefits for health, wellbeing and patient care.
  • providing an evidence base to underpin developments in paramedic practice.


Should you wish to undertake any studies involving contact (direct/indirect) with service users, staff, or private healthcare personnel and/or studies involving identifiable clinical data of service users you will need to gain approval from our Research and Development Department.

Please contact us at so that we can initially discuss your proposal and identify the viability of the study and any processes that may need to be followed.

To ensure that health care research is relevant and acceptable to the people who use, or may in future use services, most studies include an element of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) throughout their progression. The perspectives of service users, their families and carers, and other members of the public, are key to maximising the impact of research on the development of health care provision. If you would like to be notified when opportunities for PPI activity arise within the Research and Development Department, you can add your contact details to our PPI mailing list by contacting us at the email address shown above.

For more information on PPI activities:


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