The Board of Directors is made up of both Executive and Independent Non-Executive Directors. The Independent Non-Executive Directors hold the Executive to account and are accountable to the members, through the Council of Governors.

The Executive Directors manage the day-to-day running of the Trust, while the Chair and Non-Executive Directors provide advice, particularly regarding setting the strategic direction for the organisation, scrutiny and challenge based on wide ranging experience gained in other public and private sector bodies.  Details of the directors’ portfolios for 2019/20 is available to be viewed here.

Independent Non-Executive Directors are appointed by the Council of Governors, who also set their remuneration and terms and conditions of office. Independent Non-Executive Directors are appointed for a three-year term of office and can stand for reappointment for a second three-year term. In exceptional circumstances, they may serve longer than six years but this should be subject to annual re-appointment, to ensure their continued independence.

David Astley


Philip Astle

Chief Executive

David Hammond

Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer

Ali Mohammed

Executive Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

Dr Fionna Moore

Medical Director

Bethan Haskins

Executive Director of Nursing and Quality

Emma Williams

Executive Director of Operations

David Ruiz-Celada

Executive Director of Planning and Business Development

Michael Whitehouse

Independent Non-Executive Director

Prof Laurie McMahon

Independent Non-Executive Director

Howard Goodbourn

Independent Non Executive Director

Prof Tom Quinn

Independent Non Executive Director

Dr Subo Shanmuganathan

Independent Non-Executive Director

Paul Brocklehurst

Independent Non-Executive Director

Liz Sharp

Independent Non-Executive Director