We have set an ambitious target to reduce our carbon emissions by 80 per cent over the next decade and to become net zero by 2040.

To support us in the delivery of this, we  partnered with  global engineering company, Arcadis.

With their expertise and know-how, the Arcadis team helped us develop a robust Green Plan which will initially focus on our plans for the next three to 10 years.

This will establish how we deliver on our 80 per cent emission reduction through the things we buy, our energy, our transport, our ambulances and our estates.

The first step on our journey was to quantify our current footprint, so we know where we can start making immediate changes to make a positive impact.

The plan supports the Trust’s Green Strategy which was approved by the Board in January 2022 and which ambitiously mirrors those of the NHS-wide aim to become the world’s first healthcare system to reach zero net carbon emissions.

Over the coming months, we will continue to involve colleagues and our system partners on work to implement our Green Plan.

Read more about our plans to reduce our emission in the documents below.

Green Plan on a page

A short summary of our plans

Green Plan 2023-2026

Detailed report on our plans to reduce our emissions

Green Strategy 2022-25