Can you give energy and thought to helping us be the best we can be, for patients and staff?

Could you be a constructive, critical friend to the Board of Directors, and contribute to our annual plans? Are you passionate, articulate, and willing to keep yourself informed? If the answer is yes, you should consider standing in our 2023 Council of Governor elections.


Our Governors are elected by you – our Foundation Trust members. As a Trust member you can stand as a Governor or vote for a Governor to represent you. For upcoming elections and information on how to vote or nominate yourself please visit our elections page.

In general, we are looking for an active, engaged and challenging Council of Governors; one that ensures members’ interests and the interests of patients, and the wider public are taken into account in the development of services.

We will provide training, support, and guidance for carrying out this important role within the Trust. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with your fellow Governors and the Board and learn more than you ever thought you needed to know about your local NHS ambulance service!

The Council of Governors:

  • Represent the interests of our members and the public, sharing views and concerns with the Board at our Council meetings.
  • Act as ambassadors for the Trust in their local community by taking part in membership engagement activities and getting to know local stakeholders.
  • Recruit/appoint Non-Executive Directors including the Chair of the Trust.
  • Work closely with our Non-Executives to hold them to account for the performance of the Board.
  • Contribute to our annual plans.
  • Seek assurance that SECAmb is doing what it says it will do, in the best interests of patients.
  • Does not have responsibility for the operational running of the Trust.

Time commitment

Our current Governors have said that the more you can put into the role time wise, the more you will get out of it as it can be a steep but rewarding learning curve. On average, our Governors give between two and three days per month.

Ideally, you’ll be up for:

  • Reading the papers and information sent to you,
  • Giving the time required of the role,
  • Learning about our Trust,
  • Asking questions in online and face to face meetings (guidance permitting)/being curious/wanting to make things better for all!

To help you understand more about this voluntary role, we have developed a Governors handbook.

You will be fully supported in your role with an induction, training, shadowing opportunities and a buddy system with other Governors, as well as the opportunity to go out observing frontline shifts and spending some time in our 999 Emergency Operations Centres to build your understanding of the services we provide.

How To Apply

Nomination forms will be available from 01 September 2023.

Please revisit our website then or keep an eye out on our social media where links will be shared.

If you require a hard copy of the form, please email

If you need any support, contact the Returning Officer on 0345 209 3770.


For details of our upcoming elections and previous results, visit our Governor elections page.

Not sure about standing in our elections? Remember you can still vote for a member who has nominated themselves to represent you.

Any questions about the Governor role or voting in elections? Contact the Membership Office who will be happy to help.