The gender pay gap is different to equal pay. Equal pay looks at the pay differences between men and women carrying out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value. Any equal pay issues are addressed by our adherence to Agenda for Change terms and conditions and pay framework, and our robust and objective job evaluation process. The gender pay gap figures are affected by differences in the gender composition across our job grades and roles.

Gender Pay Audit Report - 31st March 2023

Gender Pay Audit Report - 31st March 2022

Gender Pay Gap Report - 31st March 2021

Gender Pay Gap Submission 2021

Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Gender Pay Gap Report Infographic 2019

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Gender Pay Gap Report Infographic 2018

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust believes in fairness and equity, and values diversity in its role as both a provider of services and as an employer, creating an NHS where the talents of all staff are valued and developed.


Our Next Steps

  • Improve promotion vacancies for senior positions to women
  • Launch of our Gender Equality Network
  • Seek organisational commit to gender diverse interview panels for all positions at Band 8+
  • Develop our commitment to the HeForShe initiative

Ethnicity Pay Gap

The Government is due to publish the results of its consultation on mandated ethnicity pay gap reporting. This follows on from the gender pay audit obligations which were added to the Equality Act in 2017.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also published its first report into ethnicity pay gaps in Britain in 2018.

It is considered best practice for organisations to be aware of the ethnicity pay gap within their organisations, although publication is not mandated. A high ethnicity pay gap can indicate there may a number of issues to deal with, and the individual calculations may help us to identify potential causes.

The Trust published its first ethnicity pay gap report in April 2020, which is available below.