Our Trust is continually improving and as such we want the people that we serve to see SECAmb as an organisation that delivers caring, compassionate, sustainable and innovative healthcare.

Our strategy was developed after several months of consultation through a series of meetings and workshops involving the the Trust’s board as well as extensive engagement with our staff and system stakeholders.

Published in October 2020, the strategy sets out our purpose:

‘As a regional provider of urgent and emergency care, our prime purpose is to respond to the immediate needs of our patients and to improve the health of the communities we serve – using all the intellectual and physical resources at our disposal’.

We recognised that our strategy had to enable us to pursue this purpose in the context of our operating environment and that there were several critical forces and drivers that need to be considered.

To fulfil our purpose in this new operating environment, our strategy might be expressed as:

‘SECAmb will provide high quality, safe services that are right for patients, improve population health and provide excellent long-term value for money by working with Integrated Care Systems and Partnerships and Primary Care Networks to deliver extended urgent and emergency care pathways.’

Strategic Goals

During our review, four strategic goals have emerged which build on and acknowledge the work of the Trust to date. These are:

  • Delivering Modern Healthcare for our patients – A continued focus on our core services of 999 & 111 Clinical Assessment Service
  • A Focus on People – Everyone is listened to, respected and well supported
  • Delivering Quality – We listen, learn and improve
  • System Partnership – We contribute to sustainable and collective solutions and provide leadership in developing integrated solutions in Urgent and Emergency Care

Our Improvement Journey

Following inspection by the CQC during the Spring and Summer of 2021 and taking on board the results of the NHS Staff Survey, we recognise we need to make improvements.

Our plan is to deliver short-term targeted actions that will address the CQC warning notices, must-do and should-do actions, as well as providing a vehicle for the delivery of improvement beyond the initial period of recovery.

We have identified six key themes that urgently require addressing:

  • SECAmb is not the great place to work that the Trust wants it to be
  • A lack of consistent vision and direction of travel
  • Trust in the Leadership Team is lacking
  • Lack of a ‘Quality’ thread across the organisation
  • Disconnect between Leadership and the rest of the Trust
  • Significant concerns raised over culture

In response to these concerns, we have developed four pillars for our Improvement Journey

  • Quality Improvement
  • Responsive Care
  • People and Culture
  • Sustainability and Partnerships


You can read more about the progress we are making in delivering our Improvement Journey in our regular updates below: