The defibrillators in our region are registered on The Circuit – a national defibrillator network that is supported by the British Heart Foundation, St John Ambulance, Resuscitation Council UK and the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.

The Circuit will ensure that we can continue to direct members of the public to your defibrillator. It will only take you a few minutes to do this. Visit


To complete your registration, please make sure you have the following information about your defibrillator to hand:

  • The full address and location of the defibrillator (including any extra details such as ‘on the third floor by the photocopier’)
  • The brand and model (usually to be found on the front) and serial number (usually on the underside)
  • Accessibility days and times
  • Pad expiry date
  • Confirmation that your defibrillator is displaying the ready signal when you last checked it
  • Access code (if the defibrillator is kept in a locked cabinet).


If you’ve bought or leased your defibrillator from the Community Heartbeat Trust, please contact them directly before taking any action.

What are Public Access Defibrillators?

Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) are life-saving machines and very easy to use.

In the UK, less than one in ten people survive a cardiac arrest. If we achieved the same survival rates of countries like Norway, an additional 100 lives could be saved each week – the equivalent of approximately 5,000 every year.

We recommend that PADs are placed in an area with a large footfall e.g. outside a public house, outside a village hall or community centre.

The options are endless.

If you have queries prior to the registration of your DEFIB with The Circuit, please email 

Should you have any queries relating to your registered DEFIB with The Circuit or you need further support please email or call 0300 330 5482.

Support for Defibrillator Guardians

Your Guide to Being a Defibrillator Guardian

This guide covers everything about being a defib guardian. As well as why and how to register on The Circuit, it gives people background info on why to buy a defib, how to look after it and what to consider before purchasing.

 The Guardian’s Guide to The Circuit

This guide covers all the steps of registering and maintaining a defib on The Circuit, it also explains how to transfer and decommission a defib too.

Community First Responders

CFRs are volunteer members of their community who are trained to respond to emergency calls

Restart A Heart

The campaign to teach life-saving CPR skills to children