Could you Restart a heart?


Here at South East Coast Ambulance Service, we support the Resuscitation Council UK’s  ‘Restart A Heart’ campaign every year.

Volunteers and members of staff use their free time to go in to schools and colleges to teach CPR to our children.

In 2018 we taught 10886 children CPR, a vital skill that can help save thousands of lives.

Unfortunately, due to the covid pandemic over the last two years we have been limited on what we can do face to face and have used virtual learning instead. Will will continue to offer this to groups who do not want face to face sessions.

We would love your school or college to get involved and get the children learning one of the most important skills they could leave school with.

How to give hands only CPR.


How can I learn CPR?


We teach CPR at secondary schools and colleges across the South East every year for a week for Restart a Heart.

In 2022 we are offering the option of virtual learning as well as face to face teaching.

Please contact for more information.

There are many other ways to learn what to do in the ultimate medical emergency.

CPR Training Videos

Find more videos on the British Heart Foundation Website