Dear Colleagues

The first two waves of moves into our new HQ and EOQ at
Nexus House are now complete. We’ve been delighted by
many of the positive comments we’ve had. One of the most frequently
mentioned benefits is the opportunity to meet colleagues who have
previously only been a voice on the phone or a name at the top of
an email.

Working at Nexus House is a big change for many of us, not
least as we adapt to the open plan office and hot desk
system.  The transfer of staff and services to
Crawley is an important part of our plans to move our Trust
forward, and we want everyone who works here to enjoy the
benefits that it has to offer.

As a reminder, there is more information to help you settle in
at Nexus House in the Staff Welcome

We are also setting up a group for colleagues who are based in,
or work at, Nexus House and more details of that will be shared
with you in the very near future.

In the meantime, if you have any comments, queries or
suggestions about working at Nexus House, or any concerns you would
like to raise, please let us know – talk to your relocation
champion or your line manager, or email the relocation team at

Your Relocation Team