The Trust’s next community forum will be an opportunity for the public and patients to learn more and share their views on the development of our clinical led strategy.

The virtual Community Forum, which is open to anyone who has an interest in attending, will take place between 19:00 and 20:30 on Wednesday, 29 November.

During this session, we are keen to engage people on the development our strategy which will set the vision for our service and what our focus should be for the next five years.


Our data shows that we need to think differently about the way we deliver the service:

  • more than half of calls (54%) come from the over 65s, who make up 20% of the population in our region
  • one of every 10 hours spent with patients is on scene with someone who’s fallen
  • 20% of calls received are cardiac related
  • Mental health is the sixth most common reason we attend patients
  • 50% of our patients take five or more prescription medications
  • Patients who’ve called SECAmb five times or more account for 17% of calls


Chief Medical Officer, Rachel Oaten said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for patients and members of the public help us shape the future of our organisation.

“So if you have an idea about what we should be looking to do in the future to improve the care we provide, we are really keen to hear from you.”

The Community Forum is a great opportunity to effect change here at the Trust for our patients.  Feedback provided by those who attend the last meeting has already been acted on.

Quality and Safety Lead, Vikki Baldock, responsible for patient engagement said: “During the first session that was held in September, those who attended provided some great feedback on the information we share about what happens when you make a 999 call.  And will be looking to update our website with further information on this.”

If you would be interested in attending this virtual community forum meeting, please email