Please find a statement below in response to an article
which appeared in the Daily Telegraph today.

Please note we will not be issuing anything
further on this matter at this time. The statement is to be
attributed to a Trust’s spokesperson.

“South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS
Foundation Trust has refuted claims made in today’s Daily Telegraph
following its article based on a leaked, draft report.

“The article refers to a report undertaken by
Deloitte which was not looking at patient impact but at the
decision-making and governance around the implementation of the
pilot, and what recommendations can be made for SECAmb’s governance
processes in light of this.

“As we have stated previously, the separate,
independent, clinically-led patient impact review, being carried
out as part of the Monitor undertakings, is currently underway and
is yet to be concluded.

“Until it does it is inaccurate and completely
misleading to attribute or imply any harm or deaths to the

“We will publish the findings of the patient
impact review as soon as it is complete.

“However, in the preliminary work to date, no
clear indications of patient harm have been identified. Indeed, the
review has identified a number of seriously ill patients who
received an improved response due to earlier clinical intervention
as a consequence of the pilot.”