South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) is pleased it will begin delivering new conflict resolution training across its region from April.

The face-to-face training aims to assist ambulance clinicians to work safely and effectively when dealing with conflict and aggression in the workplace and will be provided to all frontline ambulance clinicians, volunteer community first responders and all new starters.

SECAmb has teamed up with conflict resolution training company, Stand 2, which has experience in delivering the training to the ambulance sector.

SECAmb is investing in two full-time trainers to deliver the company’s training package internally with additional members of staff also trained to deliver the course content.

Stand 2 recently delivered an overview of the package to a number of SECAmb colleagues in Banstead.

SECAmb Security Manager Dave Monk said: “This training is designed to provide colleagues with further skills to recognise and evaluate any threat and then apply appropriate safety measures and communicate with people who may be highly emotional, mentally impaired or deliberately difficult. The training will also teach safe breakaway techniques to improve the safety of our staff.

“The vast majority of our patients and members of the public are extremely respectful and would not threaten or physically assault them. However, sadly, due to the actions of a minority of individuals and situations outside of a patient’s control, it is right that we ensure our staff are best placed to safely manage such challenges.”