South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb)
will be hosting the first UK National Ambulance LGBT (lesbian, gay,
bi-sexual, transgender) Network conference at the Amex Stadium,
Brighton on Friday, 5 August. All NHS ambulance staff are invited
to attend the conference free of charge.

SECAmb have secured established key note speakers for the
conference and key themes are linked to LGBT Health Issues.
Dr Joanna Semlyen PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, HCPC
Registered Health Psychologist will speak on LGBT mental
health issues and Caroline Paige, who transitioned after fifteen
months of serving in the Royal Air Force, will be speaking on her
personal experiences of going through the transitioning process
within the workplace.

SECAmb Inclusion Manager Angela Rayner, who is one of the
conference’s organisers, said: “We’re running three specialist
workshops – Mental Health and LGBT people, Supporting trans
patients and staff, and domestic violence in LGBT
relationships.  The workshops will be repeated throughout the
day so that participants will be able to select and attend their
preferred options.”

The conference precedes the yearly Pride Brighton & Hove
Festival on Saturday, 6 August, which is widely recognised as the
most popular and flamboyant in Pride’s calendar.

Staff from the Trust’s Sussex, Surrey and Kent regions will once
again represent SECAmb at the event and will be joined by fellow
ambulance service colleagues from across the country.  It is
expected that the Trust will have more than 100 participants in the
parade and it is hoped that the conference will boost numbers to a
record level this year.

Geraint Davies, Acting Chief Executive and Chair of PRIDE in
SECAmb said: “SECAmb is absolutely delighted to host the first
National Ambulance LGBT Network conference which shows SECAmb’s
commitment to deliver diversity and equality for our patients and
our staff.

“Year after year our strong presence at Pride 2016 never fails
to receive tremendous cheers and support by the crowds lining the
streets. It makes me extremely proud to be part of SECAmb.”

To reserve a place at the conference and for advice on
accommodation, please contact