Providing the best treatment we can
and ensuring good clinical outcomes for our patients are key
elements of a quality service.  However, it is equally
important that our patients and their carers have as good an
experience as possible when they use our services, and you can help
to achieve this. 

The Department of Health defines a
positive patient experience as:

good treatment in a comfortable, caring and safe environment,
delivered in a calm and reassuring way; having information to make
choices, to feel confident and feel in control; being talked to and
listened to as an equal and being treated with honesty, respect and

Building on the
best: Choice, responsiveness and equity in the NHS
(DH, 2009)

Tell us what you

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS
Foundation Trust (SECAmb) is planning to develop a Patient Experience Strategy, which will set out
the Trust’s values in terms of patient and carer experience, and
help us to develop a culture that places patient experience at the
centre of everything we do. 

We know that involving patients,
carers and our staff in this work going forwards will be crucial to
its success, so to begin with we would like to hear from you to


  • What do you think makes a good
    patient/carer experience?
  • What do you think our patient
    experience strategy should consider/include, for example what
    patient groups would it be helpful to focus on; which elements of
    our services should we look at; what mechanisms would be useful for
    obtaining feedback from patients and carers; etc?


We are really keen to make your views count,
so please share your thoughts with us by emailing Louise
Hutchinson, SECAmb’s Patient Experience Lead, at