James, second from left, with Richard, Louise and Zoe

A Crawley man who suffered serious injuries and a underwent lengthy recovery following a collision on his motorbike, before going on to join SECAmb himself, has been reunited with the team of now colleagues who came to his aid.

James Trenerry, 26, from Langley Green, suffered fractures to both arms as well as his spine, pelvis and shoulder in the collision in Sidlow in February 2020. He spent approximately a month in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, and underwent walking rehab for several weeks. He also had to recover from vertigo and short-term memory problems.

Having previously planned, prior to the collision, to apply for a frontline road position within SECAmb, James opted instead to join the Trust’s NHS 111 service, following more than a year of recovery in May 2021. James become a 999 call handler in October 2021 before beginning his current ambulance dispatcher role in September 2022.


James said: “I had always been curious to find out who had treated me as I knew that I will have spoken to them as a dispatcher for the area. It was really nice to meet up with some of the team and thank them in person. I am so grateful for everything everyone involved did.”

James was reunited with ambulance crew Zoe Pemble and Louise Thomas as well as Critical Care Paramedic, (CCP), Richard Brandon at SECAmb’s Gatwick base on Monday, (18 December).

James is currently learning to drive a car and hopes to rekindle his ambitions to join his colleagues out on the road in the years ahead after he recovers from his next planned surgery to remove metal plates and screws in his arms.

James said: “It’s been a long journey and soon I’ll be back to where I was prior to the collision. It’s definitely my plan to apply for a position out on the road when the time is right.”

CCP Richard said: “It was a pleasure to meet with James and learn about his recovery. On behalf of the whole team who attended it’s great to see him continuing to work towards his ultimate goal of joining us out on the road. We all wish him the very best for the future and for his remaining surgery.”

A strong advocate for biker safety, James has also urged anyone who rides a motorbike to ensure they always wear appropriate protective clothing – something which he is sure saved him from even more severe injuries.

James added: “No one should be riding a motorbike without the right protective clothing. I was still seriously injured despite wearing good quality leathers and protection but I know the outcome for me could have been far worse if I wasn’t. I would urge all bikers to do everything they can to protect themselves.”