The Learning and Organisational
Development Team is launching the new digital learning platform
‘Discover’ on Friday, 22 September.

You should receive a new login and temporary password to allow
you to enrol onto the system. Please login and change your password
to something suitable for you. Every account has been given a
profile to allow easy access to your specific statutory

Other courses will be available for you to self-enrol on to, if
you feel you would like to complete them.

We have redeveloped this year’s statutory and mandatory content
and soon there will be some carefully selected clinical content.
This will be designed to assist all staff in delivering excellent
patient care.

If you have completed this year’s statutory requirement, there
is no need for you to complete it again. However, should you wish
to view the new content as a refresher, this will give you an
opportunity to see how future courses will be presented.

These are currently under construction and will be launched

There has also been some redesign of some previously hosted
content (Lifepak 1000, Dementia, Sepsis and End of Life Care) with
our observation package and information for our co-responders (CFRs
and fire).

A ‘reactionary’ feedback section is available after every
session and it is anticipated that a more formal feedback
evaluation, will take place in the new year. In the meantime,
should you have any feedback, please contact  

Andrew Hartley, Clinical Education Lead