To aid patients and members of the public in thoroughly understanding our service, we have produced a SECAmb A-Z guide.

This guide is a unique and engaging resource designed to help people navigate our Trust, one letter at a time!

As well as providing an overview of SECAmb and the service we offer, the A-Z guide also highlights some aspects that we often don’t hear about, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.

A glimpse into the SECAmb A-Z

A for awards: We really enjoy celebrating the long service and fantastic achievements of our staff at our three annual awards ceremonies, recognising, on average, a staggering 2,700 years of service from long-serving colleagues each year

B for births: Our crews support as many births each year as midwives in a medium-sized hospital – that’s about three babies a day on average! Most are born at home, but other locations include roadsides, car parks & shops!

C for compliments: Reflecting the great work our people do, we receive double the number of compliments than complaints – each one is shared with the staff involved, which they love to receive.

This is just the beginning! Each letter opens a window into the diverse and dynamic operations within our Trust and is a reflection of our commitment to both patients and colleagues.

If you feel this guide benefits you, then please do share with your wider network. You can access the SECAmb A-Z guide by clicking here.

If you would like to hear more about the A-Z guide, or delve deeper into one of the letters, please contact

Together, let’s explore SECAmb from A to Z!