In stepping down as Chairman, I wanted to wish
everyone at SECAmb well and to thank you for the hard work you have
put in over the past, very difficult, year.

I do believe that we have started on the road
to a new and successful SECAmb. There will be not just a new Chair
and Chief Executive, but a largely new leadership team and in a few
short months the new HQ and EOC at Crawley, with a CAD system that
is fit for purpose.  

There remains a huge amount to do, not least
in ensuring that we find ways of delivering our services more
cost-effectively, but I hope that the changed culture we have been
trying to develop will take hold and help us to work together
towards delivering the best possible patient care.

The future is not going to be easy and there
will undoubtedly be setbacks along the way, but with much improved
relationships with colleagues in commissioners and other providers
we have a strong basis of support within the system.   We
shall need honest and open conversations with them about future
models of care and what can be achieved within the funding
available to us.   We shall need similarly honest
conversations internally, which I am sure will involve new and
different ways of working, if we are to succeed.

SECAmb had a great past and much to be proud
of.  The problems of the last few years have diminished that
hugely and demonstrated all sorts of weaknesses but we should now
aspire to an organisation we can be proud of once more.  
This time it will have the systems and the culture to support it
going forward.

Goodbye and good luck,