I would like to thank you for your continued
support with the delivery of first class patient care.  The
initial feedback from the Care Quality Commission was that YOU are
providing quality care to our patients.  Thank you.

My goal, and one that I know is shared by Andy
Newton and Kath Start, is for the Trust to build on this and move
forward to truly patient-centred care, that improves not only
clinical outcomes but the lives of the community we

I will be in regular contact with you via a
range of mediums including email, newsletter and face to face
roadshows. I will be sending details out separately of these events
where I hope to meet as many of you as possible.

My first message to you is a basic one, but
it’s fundamentally crucial that we get the basics right. Hand
hygiene is of vital importance and is a basic skill we must all get
to grips with.  This is not as simple as just putting on a
pair of gloves.  It goes deeper.  I encourage you to
think about every aspect of care you provide and the impact it has
on our patients.  Thinking about how you keep our patients
safe and following the founding principles of ‘do no harm’ is
vital.  Good hand hygiene helps us to do just that.

Please take time to look at the ‘5 Moments of
Hand Hygiene’ below. This provides the basic principles to abide

Further information can be found in the Infection Prevention and Control Manual  in
the Clinical Zone.


Dr Rory McCrea, Medical