Dear Colleagues

This is a brief note from the two of us on
taking up post.

We want SECAmb to be an open, trusting,
forward-looking, welcoming and mutually supportive organisation,
where everyone matters. We want all our staff to have their say, be
listened to and be treated fairly with dignity and respect at all

We will work together with staff, volunteers
and the Board as one team, utilising the experience and
independence of the Council of Governors to help and guide us. Our
focus must be on those who access and require our services; our
patients, their families and carers.  We aim to create an
environment where everyone in SECAmb will be appropriately trained
and equipped to do their job and that their focus is always on
providing safe and effective care to patients and their families.
We want staff to ensure patients’ well-being; individual needs and
values are met through treating patients with care, compassion and
respect at all times.

We plan to visit all SECAmb locations over the
coming months to meet with you, and talk to you directly.  Put
simply, our aim is this – to ensure that we always treat those in
our care as professionally and effectively, and with the same
dignity and compassion, that we would hope to be treated with

We look forward to working with you.

Daren Mochrie QAM

Chief Executive

Richard Foster OBE