Most of
you will be aware that SECAmb is currently facing a very serious
financial situation and we are having to take extra-ordinary
actions to keep a grip on our spending.

It is apparent that there has been some
general confusion and speculation on the subject of overtime. 
In order to provide some further clarity about allocation of
overtime and what this means in practice, I thought it would be
useful if I highlighted the following key messages:

  • Overtime for operational shifts in field operations and EOC has
    not been cancelled.  However, the requirement for overtime
    shifts will be closely scrutinised by the relevant management
    teams. Therefore, only those shifts deemed to add significant
    benefit, in terms of meeting patient demand, will be offered as
  • With effect from Sunday, 1 January 2017, no further enhanced
    overtime shifts (double time outside of normal AfC bank holiday
    shifts) will be offered out to any staff.  Any enhanced
    overtime shifts already allocated to named individuals will of
    course be honoured.  This applies to all staff in field
    operations and EOC.

Everyone up and down the country is working
harder, experiencing levels of demand pressure that we have not
seen in previous years, making the situation we face very
challenging indeed.  So it is really appreciated that staff
have made such great efforts to meet the needs of our patients,
particularly over the festive period.  

Thank you all for your continued endeavours
and commitment during this challenging winter.

Joe Garcia – Interim
Director of Operations