Dear Colleagues,

Many of you will, no doubt, have seen that The
Daily Telegraph are running a story on the Trust today. This is
also likely to be picked up by other media in due course.

The article covers a range of historic
allegations, which have been investigated and dealt with already.
Actions have been taken where appropriate and support provided to
those involved at the time. Others are unsubstantiated, with no
evidence to support them.

I am extremely saddened that the Trust, once
again, finds itself the subject of media coverage such as this.
This is extremely damaging, not only to those individuals named but
also to the Trust a whole. It damages public confidence in us as a
service and devalues the compassionate care that I know we are
providing, every day, to our patients.

I am also saddened that today’s article has
arisen after a large amount of internal information has once again
been leaked to a journalist from within the Trust.

And I appreciate that, at times and especially
previously, it may have felt like there were no internal avenues
for serious concerns to be raised. However, this is not the case
now, with a range of options available for staff who want or need
to do this including the appointment of a Whistleblowing Champion
at Board level and structured support for those staff who do raise
concerns. I am very pleased, for example, to see the ‘Speak in
Confidence’ facility being used by staff to raise concerns and

But, let us also be very clear about the
difference between whistleblowing and malicious leaking to the
media. Today’s article is the latter – not a result of genuine
‘whistleblowing’ – all of the allegations made have been
investigated and dealt with – but simply an attempt to create
further negative media coverage for the Trust and the individuals

I have already asked the Trust’s lawyers for
advice on how to deal with this issue and there are a number of
steps that we are taking.

Finally, please let me apologise that the
Trust, once again, finds itself at the centre of negative media
coverage. It is such a shame, at a time when so many staff are
working hard to move the Trust forwards.

Geraint Davies, Acting Chief