The Trust recently removed the use of Medicines
Administration Protocols (MAP) for all grades of staff. We informed
colleagues across the Trust that the medicines previously available
to be given under a MAP would remain available, but only under a
Patient Group Direction (PGD) by
paramedics. There have been some enquiries from staff regarding
this, and there appears to be some confusion regarding PGDs which
need to be clarified.

PGDs can only be used by the healthcare
professions named in the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 (Schedule
16, part 4), which includes paramedics. PGDs are not a direct
replacement or alternative to MAPs, and cannot be used by
colleagues in ECSW, Associate Practitioner, Technician/Advanced
Technician, or CFR roles.

Medicines in JRCALC, which are also stated in
Appendix M of the Scope of Practice & Clinical Standards Policy
may still be given accordingly, as this is done under Trust
authority based on nationally accepted best practice.
Please note that a revision of this Scope of
Practice & Clinical Standards Policy is underway and an updated
version which will include an updated Appendix M will be published
over the coming weeks.

The Medicines and Healthcare products
Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has a
useful web page
which provides information about PGDs; the
legal mechanism that they are based on, and the staff eligible to
use them.

The Human Medicines Regulation’s 2012 can also
be accessed via this link –

If you have any questions of concerns relating
to medicines use, please contact the PP/Clinical Desk, or email


Andy Collen, Consultant Paramedic (on
behalf of the Medicines Task & Finish Group)