Details of how the Trust fits into the wider NHS and how care is organised can be found on the NHS choices website.

Regulatory Requirements

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 introduced the concept of a Licence for providers of NHS services, and the NHS Provider Licence was subsequently introduced in February 2013. Foundation Trusts were licensed from April 2013, with other providers being licensed from April 2014, although it was later confirmed that the Licence would not apply to NHS Trusts.

Despite this, in April 2017, NHS Improvement (NHSI) confirmed that NHS trusts must undertake a self-certification against the NHS Provider Licence, on the basis that, despite their exemption, directions from the Secretary of State required NHSI to ensure that NHS trusts complied with conditions equivalent to the licence, as it deemed appropriate. As NHSI’s Single Oversight Framework (SOF) bases its oversight on the licence, NHS trusts are therefore legally subject to the equivalent of certain provider licence conditions, and must self-certify under these licence provisions.

You can view our self-certificate here.

You can view our Corporate Governance statement here.

Organisational structure

The structure of our organisation plays an important role in our effectiveness. We are governed by a Trust board which meets every two months, minutes from the meetings and board papers are published online. The Trust board is accountable to the Council of Governors who are elected by our Foundation Trust members. Our governors play a vital role in representing you and working with the trust board.

As required under s151(5) of the Health and Social Care Act, members of the Council of Governors should be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to undertake their role.  This Certificate of Governor Training governors’ training, provides assurance that this has been undertaken.

We are led by a CEO and the Trust is split into the following directorates: Finance, Workforce development, Clinical operations, Commercial services and Medical. For further information, please view our organistational charts.

Our offices are located in three counties: Kent,  Surrey and Sussex. We also have a number of ambulance stations and Make Ready centres across the region.

Contacting us

Our main switchboard number is 0300 1230999. But there are a number of channels available to contact us.