Foundation trusts use various methods to enable Governors and members to interact, and SECAmb works with Governors to facilitate this appropriately. Methods may include the web, email, constituency meetings, and wider engagement events.

Governors should also be seeking to increase the number of members in their constituency in line with the Trust’s membership strategy. Having a broad and diverse membership will help us be sure we’re listening to all groups within our communities, including those that are seldom heard.

SECAmb provides lots of support for Governors. The Assistant Company Secretary is the first point of contact for Governors once they are elected, and will support Governors in their role. The Trust’s Corporate Governance and Membership Manager is available to support membership recruitment and engagement activities. Governors may also choose to work together, particularly in constituencies where there is more than one Governor, to inform people about SECAmb, membership, and to engage with existing members.

Roles and responsibilities of Governors

Public Governors have a number of responsibilities and duties: some of which are set out by law and others are decided by the Trust itself. One of the key roles Governors play is to ensure that the voice of members is heard in SECAmb. Governors’ input provides a clear and formal structure for listening to and involving patients, the public and staff. We will work with our Governors to build on this through the Foundation Trust structure.

What do Governors do?

  • Represent the interests of our members and the public, sharing views and concerns with the Board at our Council meetings.
  • Act as ambassadors for the Trust in their local community by taking part in membership engagement activities and getting to know local stakeholders.
  • Recruit/appoint Non-Executives including the Chair.
  • Work closely with our Non-Executives to hold them to account for the performance of the Board.
  • Contribute to our annual plans.
  • Plan our membership events and much more!These responsibilities are set out in more detail in the Governors’ Handbook. Governors are also expected to abide by the Trust’s Code of Conduct for Governors.