Every year the Trust makes the flu vaccine
available to all staff and this year the Infection Control Lead
(ICL) is once again managing the programme for delivery.

flu vaccination programme within SECAmb will commence on the
16th September 2016 and this year we will once again be
utilising local Flu Leads for each Operating Unit to make the
vaccine available to all staff. The emphasise this year will be to
try and vaccinate as many staff before the end of October 2016
before we see the usual increase in operational activity during the
winter months and to ensure our staff are lessening the risk of
spreading the flu virus to patients, work colleagues and their

Last year’s programme saw an uptake in SECAmb
of 61.4% compared to the National figure of
50.8% for Frontline Healthcare Staff in the NHS
and the Department of Health’s target for this year is still 75%.
SECAmb was also the top performing ambulance service for the year –
see table below:

Top three ambulance service trusts:

Ambulance Trust1st September 2015 – 1st February 2016 1st September 2014  – 28th February
South East Coast Ambulance Service61.4 % uptake55.8 % uptake
London Ambulance Service52.7 % uptake44.0 % uptake
East Midlands Ambulance Service51.2 % uptake49.3 % uptake

The flu
page has been updated with this year’s list of Flu
Leads, evidence based information on why it is important that
frontline healthcare workers have the annual flu vaccine, posters and banners for your e-mail signature
that can all be downloaded for use.

If anyone wants to help with the vaccinations
this year please contact your local Flu Lead who can provide you with all
the relevant information and training package.