As part of our continuing efforts to raise
awareness of the importance of medicines management within the
Trust, we would like to share this short film with all staff today.
It features Fionna, who is our Exec lead for medicines management
and the Trust’s Accountable Officer for drugs, talking about why we
all need to take medicines management seriously and about the
possible serious consequences if we don’t.

You can see the film here and we would encourage all
staff to take the time to watch it.


As we explained in the last Chief Executive’s
Weekly Message, it is vital that, as a Trust, we improve our whole
approach to medicines. We need to show real improvements in this
area to ensure that our patients receive the best and safest care
possible and that staff are compliant with professional and legal


I do know that most of the time when we do get
things wrong, this is not done deliberately but is often down to
not being sure about the right thing to do.


If you are ever unsure of the right thing to
do regarding medicines, please contact our Pharmacist, Carol-Anne
Davies Jones
or any member of the medicines team – They
are keen and willing to help you and are an expert resource for us
all to use.


We know that lots of hard work is already
going on to make improvements – thank you to everyone involved in
this. There is more we need to do but we are confident, that by
working together, we can put the correct processes in place and
make them work properly.


Daren Mochrie QAM, Chief Executive
& Dr Fionna Moore, Medical Director