With bad weather, including snow in some areas,
forecast for our region from tomorrow (Thursday, 12th
January 2017) onwards, the Trust is ensuring that plans are in
place to respond to adverse weather if needed.

As part of this, please could all staff ensure
they plan ahead and check local weather forecasts and road
conditions in their area.

It is worth thinking in advance about:

  • Planning your journey to and from work, especially if you know
    you have had problems previously – please remember it is your
    responsibility to make every effort to get into work
  • In exceptional circumstances, there will be limited capacity
    for collecting staff from home
  • If you can’t make it to your usual base/EOC but can make it to
    another site, then please do so
  • If any front-line staff are unable to get into work and are due
    to be on shift, please contact your local EOC; all other staff
    should contact their line manager

Also, please think carefully during this
period about how best you can support the Trust by:

  • Cancelling non-essential meetings to avoid
    unnecessary travelling
  • If you are response-capable, making yourself available to
    respond (via your local EOC)
  • Offering any other support you are able to

Thank you.

Andy Cashman, Head of Resilience &
Specialist Operations