The Trust is due to be inspected by the Care Quality Commission
(CQC) on May 3-6, 2016.

To help provide you with some information
about what the inspection will involve we have created a new page
in the Staff Zone:

On this page you will find details of how many
inspectors will be on site, the areas of work that they will be
auditing, and how the inspection will be carried out e.g. staff
focus groups, staff interviews, and station visits.

There are some useful notes on how you can
support the inspection and some guidance for what you should do if
an inspector arrives at your place of work.

We are also welcoming your feedback through
this new page to let us know about what you do well; this could be
a personal achievement, a team that gets results, or a new pathway
/ way of working that has been introduced to address the needs of
the local population. This is cross-organisation as well so we
would be delighted to receive good news stories from
all departments.

You will soon receive a personal issue
handbook called ‘Tool to support ambulance staff. Prepare for the
CQC Inspection.’  Please take some time to read through this
as it contains more information in support of the new web page and
contains some key questions that you can ask of yourself and your
team about how you work day-to-day, for example:

·         How well do
staff, teams and services work together to deliver effective care
and treatment?

·         How are services
continually improved…?

·         Are services
planned and delivered to meet the needs of people?

Please make use of the information that is
being offered so that we can use this inspection as an opportunity
to showcase the good work that you do.

If you need any help and support please
contact us at