All staff should be aware that due to the
current issues with vehicle weight restrictions, students
undertaking placement in a supernumerary capacity (i.e. student
paramedics from our partner universities, or on elective placements
such as nursing or allied health students) have been suspended from
undertaking DCA placement shifts.

The Practice Education Team within Clinical
Education, has been working with SECAmb colleagues in Fleet,
MRC/VPP and Operations, along with the partner Universities and
Health Education England (HEE), to ensure the safe and prompt
return of students as soon as possible to placement.

The DCA shift
suspension is expected to remain in place until at least
15th May but may need to be extended.
Once a
confirmed date for resumption of student DCA shifts is agreed with
all stakeholders, the Clinical Education Department will provide
specific details. Until that time, no supernumerary students should
complete DCA placement shifts.

Student paramedics are still permitted to
undertake placement on single response vehicles (SRVs). All
in-service supernumerary requirements (i.e. ECSW, TtP, return to
work) are not subject to this restriction and are being managed on
a local level.

The Practice Education Team wish to thank all
operational colleagues and management teams who have supported
students during this unsettling time and for your ongoing support
in managing this issue.

Should you have any questions, please contact
your local Practice Education Lead (PEL) or any member of the
Practice Education Team.

Neil Monery, Senior Education Manager,
Clinical Education.