Message from Lucy Greaves, Staff Engagement

Dear Colleagues,

As you may be aware, over the past month we
have been conducting focus groups with colleagues from across the
Trust, discussing the recent report into bullying and
harassment.  The input from staff has been tremendous and a
whole raft of suggestions have been made as to how we tackle the
issues raised in the report.

However, we are aware that not all staff have
been able to attend a focus group, but there is an opportunity to
contribute your thoughts and ideas via email.

Between now and 19th September, we
are looking for your thoughts, comments and suggestions as to how
we tackle the culture of bullying, harassment and discrimination,
and the wider cultural challenges that we face in terms of dealing
with poor and inappropriate behaviours.  Should you have any
ideas or suggestions, please email them to

Your ideas will be considered alongside those
from the focus groups and amalgamated into a report detailing staff
recommendations on the way forward which will be delivered to the
executive team for consideration before the end of September.

Thank you

Lucy Greaves, Staff Engagement