primary school pupil from Kingswood, near Maidstone, has been
recognised for her quick thinking in calling 999 for her
grandmother when she collapsed at the family home.

Hetty Benfield, 10, acted quickly to alert her dad, Keith, and
called 999 for her nanny, Irene, 72, as Keith made his way home
from work on the morning of 7 May.

Hetty remained calm throughout the call and carefully followed
the instructions of Emergency Medical Advisor Steven Plummer prior
to the arrival ambulance crews who arrived just ahead of Keith.

Irene was assessed and treated before being taken for further
treatment at Maidstone Hospital. She has since returned home having
made a good recovery.

Platts Heath Primary School pupil, Hetty, was
this week congratulated at South East Coast Ambulance Service’s
Emergency Operations Centre in Coxheath. Welcomed by staff
including Steven and ambulance crew Kay Towsey and Kim Coveney,
Hetty, along with Keith and mum, Susan, were shown around an
ambulance and given a tour of the centre.

Hetty was also presented with a certificate for her brave

Emergency Medical Advisor Steven praised Hetty’s calm approach
to the situation. “She did everything right,” he said. “She should
be very proud of how she arranged the help her nanny needed.”

Keith said: “We’re very proud of everything Hetty did to help my
mother. We had rehearsed what to do if her nanny was ever taken ill
and she did everything right. She was a little worried that she
might get in trouble for calling 999 but I assured her that this
was an emergency and she wouldn’t. She was obviously quite affected
by everything that happened but meeting everyone again has really
helped. Thank you to everyone for everything they did.”

Ambulance Technician Kay added: “It was a pleasure to meet with
Hetty and her parents. On the day we said to her how well she did,
so it was great to be able to say this to her officially and show
her around. On behalf of everyone involved I wish the whole family
the very best for the future.”