As part of the work we are doing to improve
governance in the Trust, we are proposing a new, hopefully clearer
and better, way of developing and signing off policies, procedures
and guidelines.

This will which will ensure there is up front engagement with
key stakeholders, that documents are approved by ‘subject experts’,
that Equality Analysis is undertaken, and that a
dissemination/communication plan is developed and implemented for
each new/revised document to ensure it is sent out to staff

A draft of the Trust’s revised ‘Policy and procedure for
the development and management of Trust policies, procedures and
guidelines, including clinical guidelines
’ (also known as
the Policy on Policies!) is available for comment and we would like
to encourage all staff, but particularly those who create and
revise policies, procedures and guidelines (including clinical
guidelines), to please read and comment on the draft.

Your comments will enable us to get this right and make sure the
document is clear and makes sense. We are keen as well to hear
whether the process described is applicable to the development of
clinical guidelines, and if not, what a well-governed process for
them would look like.


You can download the draft document and will
find a link to an online form for your feedback on the Staff Zone,


The closing date for this consultation
is 12 July.


Once the feedback has been compiled we’ll let
you know what we’ve heard and about any changes we’ve made through
an article in the Bulletin.

Isobel Allen,
Assistant Company Secretary