Governors hold office for three years. Standing for election is a simple process and all our members will be notified in advance of any election – see below for information about any current election and previous elections. For more information about the role, you may wish to download our Handbook about being a Governor or visit the ‘What Governors do’ page.

If you might be interested in standing in the future or would simply like more information about the role of a Governor, please contact the Membership Office.

2020 Council of Governor Elections Result

You can view the report of voting here.

The following members were elected for a three-year term of office from 1 March 2020 – 28 February 2023:

Christopher Burton: Operational Staff Governor and Paramedic Practitioner
Leigh Westwood: Lower East SECAmb Public Governor (East Sussex and Brighton)
Nigel Robinson: Lower West SECAmb Public Governor (West Sussex)
Sian Deller: Upper East SECAmb Public Governor (Medway/ Kent/ East London)
David Escudier:  Upper East SECAmb Public Governor (Medway/ Kent/ East London)
Marguerite Beard-Gould: Upper East SECAmb Public Governor (Medway/ Kent/ East London)
Amanda Cool: Upper West SECAmb Public Governor (Surrey/ Hants/ West London)

The following members were elected for a two-year term of office as follows from 1 March 2020 – 28 February 2022:

Marcia Moutinho Non-Operational Staff Governor and Patient Experience Officer
Cara Woods Upper East SECAmb Public Governor (Medway/ Kent/ East London)

Governor bios will be updated to feature the newly elected members from the 1st March onwards and can then be found here.

NB. The recommendation to extend the borders of our existing Kent and Surrey constituencies to encompass East London and West London respectively were approved at Board and Council meetings in November and December 2019. Governors formerly representing Surrey and NE Hants will now represent Surrey, NE Hants and West London. The Governors formerly representing Kent will now represent Kent (including Medway) and East London. Governors representing East Sussex will now also represent the population of Brighton and Hove with three Governors representing Lower East SECAmb Public Governor (East Sussex and Brighton).

2019 Election Results

You can view the Report of Voting in the 2019 elections which is now available.

The following members were elected for a three-year term of office (01 March 2019 – 28 February 2022) on the Council of Governors as follows:

Lorraine Tomassi –  Non Operational Staff Governor and Executive Assistant
Waseem Shakir – Operational Staff Governor and Paramedic Practitioner
Malcolm Macgregor – Operational Staff Governor and Paramedic Practitioner
Nicki Pointer – East Sussex Public Governor
Pauline Flores-Moore – West Sussex Public Governor
Geoffrey Kempster – Surrey & North East Hampshire Public Governors
Brian Chester  – Surrey & North East Hampshire Public Governors
Chris Devereux – Surrey & North East Hampshire Public Governors
James Crawley – Kent Public Governor

The following members were elected for a one-year term of office (01 March 2019 – 28 February 2020) on the Council of Governors as follows:

Harvey Nash –  West Sussex Public Governor
Frank Northcott – East Sussex Public Governor

You can read Governor bios on all those elected by clicking here.

Stand for election as a SECAmb Governor in 2022
If you have an interest in, and commitment to, improving public health, increasing the public’s understanding and awareness of the ambulance service, and want a challenging voluntary role that can make a difference, then becoming a SECAmb Governor may be for you. You do not need to have a background in health services, just an interest in your local ambulance service. You must be a member of our Trust to stand or vote in elections.

Governor Elections
Elections are on a rolling basis and will be advertised in this section of our website and in our member newsletter. We provide training, support and guidance for carrying out this important voluntary role within the Trust. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with your fellow Governors and the Board and learn more than you ever thought you needed to know about your local NHS ambulance service! If you are up for reading formal papers and asking questions in public meetings to make sure we are putting our patients and people at the heart of our decision making – then this could be the role for you!

Not ready to volunteer for the role? Why not register your interest with the Membership Office and we can keep you in the loop regarding any future elections should your interest change: email

Time commitment
Our current Governors have said that the more you can put in to the role time wise, the more you will get out of it as it can be a steep but rewarding learning curve. On average, our Governors give between 2 – 4 days per month. Staff Governors have up to 22.5 hours per month to undertake the role as part of their work schedule.

Further information

What do Governors do?

Represent the interests of our members and the public, sharing views and concerns with the Board at our Council meetings.

Act as ambassadors for the Trust in their local community by taking part in membership engagement activities and getting to know local stakeholders.

Recruit/appoint Non-Executives including the Chair.

Work closely with our Non-Executives to hold them to account for the performance of the Board.

Contribute to our annual plans.

Plan our membership events and much more!

Governors are also expected to sign a confidentiality agreement and abide by the Trust’s Code of Conduct for Governors, details of which can be found in the Governor Handbook.

Why stand as a Public Governor?
“In 2010 my wife then aged just 56, suffered a heart attack. The attending Paramedics saved her life and this led me to wanting to become more involved as a member. I was elected as a Public Governor and it has proved to be a very satisfying voluntary role. I’m now enjoying my second term as a Governor ensuring the Trust puts its patients at the heart of its decision making.” – Mike Hill, Public Governor for Surrey & North East Hampshire from 2013 – 2019.

If you have any questions about the role of our Governors, please contact the Membership Office  email

Previous election results:

Results of 2018 Governor Election

Public (Brighton & Hove) – Marianne Phillips

Read the formal results of voting in the 2018 election.

You can find out more on existing and newly elected Governor’s by visiting the ‘About us’ page on our website.

Results of the 2017 Governor Elections

Public (West Sussex) – Matt Alsbury-Morris
Public (East Sussex) – Brian Rockell (re-elected)
Public (Surrey and North East Hampshire) – Felicity Dennis
Public (Surrey and North East Hampshire) – Gary Lavan
Public (Kent) – Dr Terry Collingwood
Public (Kent) – Marguerite Beard-Gould (re-elected)
Public (Kent) –  David Escudier
Public (Medway) – Stuart Dane
Staff (Operational) – Nick Harrison

Read the formal results of voting in the 2017 elections

Results of the 2016 Governor elections

The results of the 2016 elections are as follows:

Staff – Operational: Charlie Adler
Staff – Operational: Nigel Coles
Staff – Non-Operational: Alison Stebbings

Public – East Sussex – Peter Gwilliam (re-elected)
Public – Surrey – Mike Hill (re-elected)
Public – Surrey – Peter Beaumont
Public – Kent – James Crawley
Public – West Sussex – Geoff Lovell (elected uncontested)

Read the formal results of voting

Brighton and Hove public constituency – April-June 2015
The results of the election were announced on 19 June and Jean Gaston-Parry has been re-elected for a second three year term of office from 21 June 2015 until 20 June 2018. Thank you to all members who voted and especially to the other candidate for the position.

Read the result of the election.


Elections to the Council in five constituencies concluded on 27 February 2014.

Read the formal Results of Voting

Please note that due to their only being one candidate for the vacancy in Medway, Mr Paul Chaplin has been elected unopposed and will begin his role on the Council in March.


We held elections in several constituencies between January and March 2013.

Read the Notice of Poll: which confirms candidates’ names and the constituenices in which they are standing for election.


Brighton and Hove constituency:

Formal report of voting: Brighton and Hove 2012


Kent constituency:

View the official Notice of Poll (Kent 2011)

Please note that while Michael Whitcombe won the election, he was subsequently appointed as a member of SECAmb staff and was therefore ineligible to be a public governor. As set out in our constitution, we then approached the candidate with the next highest number of votes and Margaret Bridges was appointed as a public governor for Kent.

Inaugural elections 2010

Our first elections for staff and public governors were held in November and December 2010. The results were announced on 14 December 2010.

We’d like to thank all our members who took the time to vote.

Find out who your public governor(s) are

View the official election results (2010)