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First aid advice

First Aid Advice

We have lots of useful information on dealing with the most common incidents which happen in and around the home.

Of course, we realise that everyone hopes that they are never confronted with these situations.

But unfortunately, the facts are otherwise. What is more, the chances are the victim will be somebody close to you.

Please note: If you dial 999 take instructions from the ambulance call-taker. They will be able to coach you in real time which is preferable.


You can listen to the files by clicking on the following links. You can also download mp3 for each of these topics.

Download these files.

All the advice provided is up to date and complies with Resuscitation Council guidelines.

These files have been prepared by South East Coast Ambulance Service and comply with European Resuscitation Council Guidelines. The above audio files are copyright South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust, 2006. We encourage users to distribute them but they must not be used for commercial purposes or sold in any format.

South East Coast Ambulance Service gratefully acknowledges Heart FM's assistance in producing these files.

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