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The Trust has worked hard to develop co-responding relationships with the four county based fire and rescue service and the fire and rescue service at Gatwick. This sees fire-fighters respond to emergency calls in a similar manner to the CFR scheme.

Co-responding mock upFollowing early success of the trial, which began at the end of September 2015, trained firefighters will now not only attend cardiac arrest calls but also other serious calls such as someone fitting or falling unconscious.

All firefighters involved in the trial have volunteered to undertake Immediate Emergency Care Responder training developed by SECAmb. The training enables firefighters to provide treatment to patients in the moments before ambulance crews arrive much in the same way as SECAmb’s Community First Responders (CFRs). Ambulance clinicians are always assigned to attend a call at the same time as a fire co-responder or CFR.

The trial, which is part of SECAmb’s wider ongoing work of emergency service collaboration across its region, is similar to a number of trials taking place elsewhere in the country with SECAmb also working with its three other fire services in its region to improve patient care. The trial officially runs until the end of June and it is hoped that following analysis it will be made permanent.


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