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NHS Pathways

We utilise a 999 Triage System to ensure patients access the right health service for their needs first time.

NHS Pathways is an advanced clinical triage system that will provide us with the enhanced ability to better manage 999 calls, ensuring that patients access the appropriate pathways of care to meet their need first time round.  Pathways could include, but are not limited to: an ambulance response, advice for patients to contact their own GP or the out of hours’ service, visit the local minor injury unit or walk in centre or home care.

This new system will not only result in quality improvements in patient experience and health outcomes, by avoiding unnecessary delays because patients are directed to the right service, first time; the NHS as whole will benefit by a reduction in unnecessary ambulance journeys and in avoidable admissions to hospital via A&E.

NHS Pathways is supported by a robust, accurate and up-to-date directory of services. To provide greater understanding of this new system, we have developed a Frequently Asked Question sheet along with a leaflet explaning how SECAmb responds to emergency calls under the NHS Pathway.


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