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Introducing your governors for Kent...

The elected governors for Kent are: Robin Kenworthy, Ken Davies, Margaret Bridges and Maggie Fenton.

Contact your governors in Kent:

We'll update this page with more information soon, but for now, here are the governors' election statements:

Ken Davies

I retired from Secamb at the end of January 2010 after 37.5 years of service as an Ambulance Technician.

I am standing for election as a Public Governor for Kent as I was involved in the journey towards Foundation Trust whilst in employment with the Trust.

I feel that if elected I have the knowledge/skills to carry out the duties of the post to work in partnership with the Trust in the interests of the public to ensure their interests and expectations for care and treatment are met by the Trust in the future.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None


Maggie Fenton

Nursing, at Westminster Hospital, I have experienced at first hand the vital role of the ambulance service and its progression to the professional body it is today.

For the last twenty years I have been a teacher. I have also sat on Barnardo’s Appeals Advisory Board and represented them as Kent County Chair.

These roles have involved communication skills to the highest level.

It would be a privilege to bring these to the Council of Governors and help in determining the future of this essential service and its aim of bringing the best possible services to us all.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None


Robin Kenworthy

I offer lifelong experience supporting infirm and less fortunate people.

Career:- Royal Signals/RAF Singapore, Benefits Agency, Facilities Management Health & Safety responsibility and training.

Married (1960) to Practice Sister (Retired), two children, one grandson.

Retirement 1995 :- Over fifteen years patient representation Community Health Council, PPI, LINk and the full spectrum of committee work.

Currently a Patient Involvement member of:- SECAmb:- Health & Safety Committee, Makeready/HART projects.

General Pharmaceutical Council patient involvement group, Healthy Living Pharmacy Project developing alternative care pathways reducing hospital admissions and A & E journeys.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: Patient Reference Group Member


Margaret Bridges

I have recently taken early retirement from SECAMB, previously working at a senior management level, in a role that linked with every part of the organisation. I feel that this has given me a breadth and depth of knowledge of the trust that should be continued to be used for the good of the trust and the people of Kent.

Having this experience also gives me a greater understanding of what the trust is aiming to achieve with it’s vision. My professional qualification is in nursing and I have worked for the NHS for the past 37 years, in all areas, including the SHA and for the past 6 years in the ambulance service. This service has given me:

• Intellectual knowledge of all areas of the NHS and how the ambulance service functions with the other private/public and NHS services.

• Strategic skills and knowledge; having to look at the long term and wider function of ambulance service development.

• Excellent communication skills with every level of staff and patients alike.

• Staff and public engagement skills that can only help the trust provide the highest quality service to the people of Kent.

I look forward to continuing to be an active member of SECAMB; I am committed to carrying out the role of Governor to the best of my ability for the good of SECAMB and the people of Kent.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

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