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Appointed governors

Organisations we work closely with are asked to nominate people to be part of our Council.

We have eight appointed governors from eight organisations which have a relationship with SECAmb. They bring different perspectives and experience to the Council, which helps to enrich it and provide insight from stakeholders outside the ambulance service.

These organisations, and the indivduals currently appointed to our Council by them, are:

East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Mike Hewgill (Programme Office Accountant)

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust - Alex Sienkiewicz (Director of Corporate Affairs)

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - Marian Trendell (Head of Social Care for Specialist Services)

University of Surrey - Professor Karen Bryan, Head of the School of Health and Social Care, University of Surrey

South East Coast Specialised Commissioning Group - Helen Medlock (Deputy Director)

The Stroke Association - Sandra Field (Regional Head of Operations - South East Coast)

Surrey Police - Charlie Doyle (Chief Superintendant)

Kent County Council - Paula Parker (Families and Social Care)


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