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Governor elections

Four governors at a Council meeting

Our public governors are elected by our members.

Governors hold office for two or three years. Standing for election is a simple process and all our members will be notified in advance of any election - see below for information about any current election and previous elections. For more information about the role, you may wish to download our Handbook about being a Governor.

If you might be interested in standing in the future or would simply like more information about the role of a governor, please contact the Membership Office.

Election in Brighton and Hove April-June 2012

We are pleased to announce that following an election in Brighton and Hove, Jean Gaston-Parry is our new public governor for B&H.

The formal report of voting is below, and you'll see that it was a close election between two good candidates.

We will be holding elections in most of our constituencies early in 2013 as many governors places are up for re-election in March 2013. Please use the links in this section to find out more about the role of a govenor, or contact the Membership Office if you'd like more information.

Formal report of voting: Brighton and Hove 2012

Formal notice of election: Brighton and Hove 2012

Statement of candidates

Previous election results:


View the official Notice of Poll (Kent 2011)

View the official election results for Kent 2011

Please note that while Michael Whitcombe won the election, he was subsequently appointed as a member of SECAmb staff and was therefore ineligible to be a public governor. As set out in our constitution, we then approached the candidate with the next highest number of votes and Margaret Bridges was appointed as a public governor for Kent.

Inaugural elections 2010

Our first elections for staff and public governors were held in November and December 2010. The results were announced on 14 December 2010.

We'd like to thank all our members who took the time to vote.

Find out who your public governor(s) are

View the official Notice of Poll (2010)

View the official election results (2010)

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