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Our Volunteer Charter

What it is, why it matters and how to use it

What it is
At its simplest, the Volunteer Charter describes the principles that underpin the relationship between SECAmb and volunteers. It sets out rights and responsibilities for the Trust in relation to volunteers, and for volunteers in relation to the Trust.

The Charter is designed to aid volunteers in understanding what they can expect from the Trust in return for giving their time, and to help volunteers understand what the Trust expects from them.

More information about what the Charter means for volunteers and staff is set out below.

Why it matters

The Charter has been developed jointly by volunteers and staff. Volunteers do not have an employment contract with the Trust, but should still expect a decent standard of support in their volunteering activity, and the Trust should expect volunteers to behave appropriately while volunteering. The Charter is basically an agreement to treat each other well; to behave appropriately towards patients and each other.

I’m a volunteer – how do I use the Volunteer Charter?

Volunteers should use the Charter both to understand the support, communication, training etc they should expect to receive from the Trust, and to understand their commitments and responsibilities while volunteering to benefit patients. If you do not feel you are being treated in the spirit of the principles set out in the Charter, you must let us know. Similarly, if we feel you are not volunteering in the spirit of the Charter, we will let you know.

I’m a staff member – how do I use the Volunteer Charter?

Staff should use the Charter to ensure their policies, procedures, communications, processes etc. (i.e. all interactions with volunteers) aspire to the standards set out in the Charter. In time, those who manage volunteers or are the owners of policies or procedures which affect volunteers should review them against the Charter and ensure they live up to the principles and values set out there.

Staff should also use the Charter to help volunteers understand their responsibilities to patients and the Trust, or to discuss any issues where a volunteer may not be behaving in the spirit of the principles in the Charter.

Download the Volunteer Charter