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Quality Account

​​​​Patients want to know they are receiving the very best quality of care. Providers of NHS healthcare are required to publish a quality account each year. These are required by the Health Act 2009. 

Quality Accounts are annual reports to the public from us about the quality of the healthcare that we provide. They are both retrospective and forward looking as they look back on the previous year’s data, explaining our outcomes and achievements, look forward to defining our priorities for the next year to indicate how we plan to achieve these, and quantify their outcomes. 

Quality Accounts are mandatory for NHS Trusts.

Our priorities for 2019/20 are:

  •  Improving survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest
  •  Improving the care of patients with mental illness / disorder
  •  Safety within our Emergency Operations Centre
  •  Care of patients who fall

If you require a copy of the Quality Account in any other format, please contact


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