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Reshaping and improving our 999 control centres

Reshaping and improving our 999 control centres for the future

The Trust is looking to reconfigure its 999 control centres which have remained the same prior to the Trust forming in 2006.

Since this time demand for our services has increased significantly - 25 per cent since 2007.

For us to continue to meet this growing demand, we need to expand our control centres, known at emergency operation centres (EOCs)

Plans for our EOCs are an integral part of our vision: putting patients first to match international excellence and encourage a culture of innovation.

Our plan is to move to two larger centres from three smaller centres. We will have an EOC in Kent and an EOC and new headquarters in Crawley. This is due to be operational in February 2017. The new emergency operations centres are vital for us to meet the increasingly complex clinical needs of our growing number of patients, providing them with a service fit for purpose, and to help us maintain our reputation as a leading ambulance service.

We also want to provide staff with the most modern, up-to-date technology and best possible working environments, to be an organisation people are proud of. 

Over the coming months we will provide you with further updates on our plans here on this page but also through our twitter feed and press releases.


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