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Cyclist reunited with off-duty hospital staff and ambulance team

16 July 2019

Alan Farrell reunionA New Addington man, who collapsed from his bike while cycling on the A228 at Five Oak Green, has thanked the ambulance team and two passer-by hospital staff who came to his aid.

Seasoned cyclist, Alan Farrell, 54, was first helped by passers-by including off-duty radiographer Sophie Adsett and nurse Michelle Usherwood from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells hospitals before Paramedic James Lisle came across the incident while en route to another call.

Alan, who currently works for University College London in the Information Services Division, had intended to join a local 10-mile race but arrived late and instead undertook a training ride. He recalls nothing of the incident but investigations concluded he wasn’t struck by a vehicle.

James, Sophie and Michelle were backed up by ambulance crew Danielle Wheat and Katie Stringer as the team treated Alan before he was taken to Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Now recovering from injuries including a fractured pelvis and a re-broken collarbone following a previous fall from his bike, Alan is undergoing further tests in an attempt to establish the cause of his collapse. He attended Paddock Wood Make Ready Centre recently with his wife Pauline to thank all those involved.

James said: “Sophie and Michelle, who had arrived at the scene from opposite directions, were doing a great job in helping keep Alan as comfortable and as safe as possible. They were of great help and I’d like to personally thank them for everything they did to assist along with other members of the public who called 999 for Alan.

“It was really nice to meet Alan and Pauline and on behalf of the team I’d like to wish him all the best with his recovery.”

Alan added: “It was great for me and Pauline to meet and thank everyone in person who helped me on the evening of my accident. To get a first-hand account of what happened on the evening was also very helpful for me as I don’t remember many of the details about the accident or my treatment.

“I also want to thank everyone involved and say how much I appreciate their professional medical help and kindness in dealing with my injuries. My case highlights the commitment of the emergency services both medical and police staff to their profession and the public while on and off-duty.

“I would also like to thank Dave Twin from my club, Sydenham Wheelers, who waited around, contacted my wife and took my bike back to his house for safe keeping. Thanks again and best wishes to everybody who helped look after me and get me safely to hospital. I would also like to thank UCL and my colleagues for their support while I was on leave from work due to my injuries.”

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