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Staff Friends and Family Test (FFT) now live!

25 January 2017

The latest cycle of the Staff Friends and Family Test (FFT) is now underway in all NHS trusts in England.

Staff SurveyAs a reminder, the Staff FFT allows staff and volunteers to give their feedback on the services provided by their Trust, on a quarterly basis and asks how likely staff are to recommend the Trusts they work in to friends & family who may need similar care.

The results and all of the comments provided will be analysed in detail and key themes will be identified. Taken together with the Staff Survey results, these will provide us with really useful feedback and help us to identify the areas we need to tackle during the coming year.

This won’t take up much of your time – there are only 10 brief questions.  We would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the survey before it closes on 31st March 2017 – your views really are important!

Joanne Lightfoot and Katy Larkin, Learning and Development Trainers

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