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Bullying and Harassment Update

28 February 2017

So far 879 people have taken part in the independent survey into bullying and harassment led by Professor Duncan Lewis launched two weeks ago.

We are trying to get as many people as possible to take part in the survey as this is key to us making our workplaces fair and respectful places to work.

The survey only takes 10-15 minutes to complete and you are assured that your responses are 100% confidential with only Professor Lewis having access to them. 

Please remember, the survey is aimed at all our workforce – you do not have to experienced bullying and harassment to complete the survey.

You also can contact Professor Lewis directly at the end of the survey should you wish to discuss matters privately with him.

Please help SECAmb to improve by taking part in this survey

You can access the survey here

The Exec and I think this will be a really important and exciting piece of work and we are very pleased to say that this is being fully funded through HEKSS, so will not be a direct cost to the Trust.

For your information then, here are the basics of the agreed Project Plan for Professor Lewis’ diagnostic:

Part 1 ( February & March 2017) will be the survey of all Trust members of staff. This will capture several key features of issues known to be associated with B&H. Respondents will be sent an email with a link to the survey which they can complete at a time and place convenient to them.

The survey can be started and saved at intervals and returned to when a respondent has time to complete it. This provides a degree of flexibility for respondents who may not have sufficient time to complete the survey in one attempt. The survey would take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

All data would be held solely by Professor Lewis to ensure total anonymity for participants.

Part 2 (April through May 2017)

Hold a total of 14 focus groups as follows:

1. A single focus group with the Executive team to better understand their perceptions of the B&H phenomena at the Trust

2. A single focus group with a sample of leaders drawn from the hierarchical level immediately below the Exec level with the aim of establishing their perceptions of said issue.

3. 12 focus groups with a sample of employees drawn from Surrey, Sussex and Kent and covering age, gender, race, experience and grade profiles. Four focus groups will take place in each county in appropriate locations. All research ethics will meet the strictest expectations of Plymouth University.

Part 3 (April through May 2017)

A number of interviews with Trust employees will be undertaken. The survey will include a ‘write-in’ section where any employee wishing to discuss B&H can provide their contact details for call-back by the researcher(s). Interviews will be conducted using a mix of face-to-face, Skype or telephone dependent on availability and location.

Outputs will then hopefully be available in June-July 2017 which we will share with staff.

Geraint Davies, Acting Chief Executive

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