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Bullying and Harassment survey

21 February 2017

Last week an email was sent to all staff requesting that you take part in a short survey.  This is the first but important step in the Trust’s efforts to tackle the issue of bullying and harassment in the organisation.

The confidential survey is being administered and managed by Professor Duncan LProfessor Duncan Lewisewis who we have asked to help us in this key area for the Trust. 

Prof Lewis, right, is a specialist researcher of workplace bullying and harassment. He works part-time at the Graduate School of Management at Plymouth University and is a director of Longbow Associates Ltd, a contract research company from the University of Plymouth.

Here are a few words from Duncan about his work and what he intends to do. 

I have designed the research to capture your experiences of workplace ill-treatment. Firstly, I intend to obtain some information through an on-line independent survey.

The survey has been designed to take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Those of you who have experienced more ill-treatment than others may take slightly longer to complete the survey as you will have more questions to respond to.

The only people to access your responses are the researchers for this project and no individual will be identified because of taking part in this survey or in the reports that follow. 

All answers are stored securely on computer servers in the USA and at Plymouth University.

After the survey has ended, in approximately six weeks, we will analyse the data for patterns and then look to undertake several focus groups with staff from the different employment groups in SECAmb. You may be invited to take part in one of these groups. If invited to do so, you should allow between 2-3 hours of time to attend. The senior management of SECAmb have given permission for you to take part in this research.

The focus groups will be held in different county locations of SECAmb premises to enable a range of employees to attend. We will select people at random and make sure that managers and their direct report employees are not in the same focus groups. If selected to take part, I want to reassure you that any comments or information you share will not be attributed to you and we will not identify to SECAmb senior managers who attended the groups. There will be no means of identifying anyone who chooses to take part in this research.

Along with the focus groups, I am also inviting anyone who wants to write to me privately about any concerns they might have regarding ill-treatment at SECAmb to do so. My email address is at the end of this message.  As with focus group participants, no one will be identified and all correspondences are strictly confidential. I may contact people for follow up interviews by telephone, face-to-face or via other technology means, such as Skype.

After the research has ended, I will be making a presentation to the Director of Human Resources and his senior colleagues. I will also compose an executive summary of our findings available for all SECAmb employees and representative groups such as trades unions & professional bodies.

My contact details are:

You can access the survey here

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Please help SECAmb to improve by taking this survey

Duncan Lewis, Professor of Management

Graduate School of Management, Plymouth University


Full information on the Trust’s progress on addressing the bullying and harassment issue can be found in this week’s Bulletin.

It is really important that if we are going to fix these issues, we need the support of staff and so I would urge everyone to take just a few minutes to complete the online survey. 

Geraint Davies, Acting Chief Executive

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