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Long Service Special Achievements celebrated at Trust Awards

SECAMB Awards13 March 2017

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) staff were joined by volunteers and members of the public at the second of the Trust’s annual award ceremonies.

The ceremony, for the west of SECAmb’s region, was held on Thursday 9 March at Woodlands Park Hotel, near Cobham, Surrey.


SECAmb Awards WEST

The event saw staff recognised for long service and Chief Executive’s Commendations awarded across a range of categories including clinical excellence, patient care and for actions above and beyond the call of duty.

The Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey, Charles Fowler, attended as the Queen’s representative to present Queen’s Medals for 20 years’ frontline service and good conduct, while Trust staff were also recognised for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and in the case of recently retired Brian Smith from Redhill, an amazing 50 years’ NHS service.

Having joined the ambulance service in 1966, Brian’s career moved full circle and recently ended on the patient transport service. Always working in the Surrey area, Brian career has included periods serving Dorking, Godstone and Gatwick.

In summing up his career he said: “I’ve helped save lives and even deliver babies. These moments make everything worth it and that’s why I did the job – you never knew what to expect.”

Member of public and School Business Manager at Peter Gladwin Primary School, Portslade, East Sussex, Christine Kidman was recognised for her actions in providing life-saving CPR to a seven-year-old pupil – just 24 hours after completing a CPR refresher course.

And another four members of public from the Warlingham area were recognised for their actions in saving the life of Warlingham man John Sinkins at Whyteleafe Railway Station. The bystanders, who started CPR and used a public access defibrillator, were reunited with John and his wife Inder for the first time on the night.

Elsewhere, Kate Nebbett, Dispatch Team Leader at the Trust’s Surrey Emergency Operations Centre in Banstead picked up a commendation for her actions in stopping to help when she saw a car off a road and smoking down an embankment near Horsham, West Sussex.

Co-responding fire crews from Walton and Sevenoaks picked up awards for their crucial role in attending patients suffering cardiac arrests while a team of Goldalming clinicians were recognised for their skill, professionalism and calmness when attending an 18-month old in respiratory arrest.

SECAmb Acting Chief Executive David Hammond said: “It is always extremely humbling to hear of the incredible stories highlighted at our awards each year. These are just a handful of examples of the amazing work which is going on every day across our region. It is also great to celebrate the long service of so many staff and for us to be able to recognise the dedication shown by volunteers including our vital Community First Responders.”

Details of every award winner can be found below – for further information on each award please see the awards booklet.

Chief Executive Commendations


Clinical Excellence – Barry Armour, Paramedic Practitioner, Redhill – For championing the work of palliative care teams locally and for his volunteer work to gain valuable experience in this challenging subject.

Clinical Excellence – Godalming clinicians, Eloise Sabbara, Paramedic; Grace Harman, Student Paramedic; Ian King, Associate Practitioner; James Cowie, Paramedic; Oliver Fitzgerald, Student Paramedic; Samuel Garman, Clinical Team Leader – For their skill, professionalism and calmness when attending an 18-month old in respiratory arrest in November 2015.

Clinical Excellence – Madeleine Howley, Paramedic Ashford, Kent; Julia Gasking, Ambulance Technician, Ashford, Kent; John Sweeney - Clinical Team Leader, Ashford, Nick Harrison – Critical Care Paramedic, Paddock Wood, Mick Carter – Critical Care Paramedic, Gatwick -  For their clinical excellence in treating a man who had been stabbed outside a pub in Ashford.

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty – Kate Nebbett – Dispatch Team Leader, Banstead Emergency Operations Centre – For her actions in stopping to help when she saw a car off a road and smoking down an embankment near Horsham, West Sussex.

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty – Sisters and Emergency Medical Advisors, Banstead EOC, Chloe Gardner and Joanne Ashworth – for their actions in stopping and starting CPR when they came across an RTC in which a motorcyclist had been seriously injured on the M25.

Outstanding Patient Care – Matt Webb, Paramedic, Epsom and Kathryn Cowley, Paramedic, Gatwick – for their actions and clinical interventions after coming across a serious RTC on the M3.

Outstanding Patient Care – Kent Fire and Rescue Sevenoaks firefighters, Danny Barratt, Jason Jones and David Ratcliffe – for the clinical treatment provided when co-responding to reports a man was under a car and not breathing.

Outstanding Patient Care – Surrey Fire and Rescue firefighters, Walton station, Eric Daniels, Will Keenan, Barry Culver and Colin Francis – for the clinical treatment provided when co-responding to a patient in cardiac arrest in Walton.

Public Commendation – Christine Kidman, School Business Manager, Peter Gladwin Primary School, Portslade, East Sussex – for providing life-saving CPR to a seven-year-old pupil – just 24 hours after completing a CPR refresher course.

Public Commendation – To a group of Warlingham area members of the public - PC Stuart Longmire, Ruth Harper, Jon Hill and Charlotte Bruce – for their quick thinking and actions in providing CPR and using a public access defibrillator on a man who collapsed at Whyteleafe Railway Station.

Employee of the Year – Kim Blakeburn, Dispatcher, Quality Team, Banstead – for her dedication and hard work in improving the recruitment process for new Emergency Medical Advisors.


Queen’s Ambulance Service medals for Long Service & Good conduct were presented to:


  • Shaun Baron, Critical Care Paramedic, Worthing
  • Richard Brackenbury, Paramedic Practitioner, Tangmere
  • Chris Britton, Retired Paramedic, Horsham
  • Steven Burdon, Paramedic, Polegate
  • Stuart Dallas, Clinical Supervisor, Banstead
  • Sue Humphries, Paramedic, EOC Lewes
  • Duncan Jones, Clinical Operations Manager, Gatwick
  • Andrew Kinder, Clinical Team Leader, Gatwick
  • James Laidlaw, Clinical Team Leader, Walton
  • Damien Lau-Kee, Clinical Team Leader, Chertsey
  • Steve Mackenzie, Paramedic, Worthing
  • Cheryl McCormick, Clinical Team Leader, Leatherhead
  • Caryll Overy, Paramedic, Haywards Heath
  • David Strudwick, Paramedic Practitioner, Redhill
  • Neil Swain, Paramedic, Epsom
  • Paul Trevains, Clinical Supervisor, Banstead EOC


20 years’ NHS Long Service medals (for staff not eligible to receive Queen’s Medal)

  • Marie Clifford, PALS, Lewes
  • Linda Cripps, Retired, CEO Office, Lewes


30 years’ NHS Long Service Award:

  • Philip Coles, Ambulance Technician, Worthing
  • David Keeley, Paramedic, Polegate
  • Christopher Neal, Clinical Team Leader, Gatwick


40 years’ NHS Long Service Award:

  • Carol Boakes, PTS Control, Dorking


50 years’ NHS Long Service Award:

  • Brian Smith, Retired, Surrey (Dorking, Godstone, Gatwick)


Community First Responders 10 years’ Long Service Award

  • John Kempton MBE, Oxted
  • Alison Law, Steyning
  • David Nelson, Pulborough and West Chiltington
  • Christine Peters, Steyning
  • Richard Taylor, Farnborough


Full details of ALL winners at both events can be found in the Awards page in Our Successes.

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