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Why use Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT)?

09 November 2016

Healthcare acquired infections (HAI) result in significant mortality and morbidity internationally.

Surgical GlovesIt is estimated that 30 per cent of HCAIs are preventable. Due to the invasive nature of clinical procedures involving aseptic technique, health care workers are inherently a significant vector of infection.

Of course, health care professionals do not set out to harm patients during clinical procedures, quite the contrary. But the risk that health care professionals pose is significant and needs to be minimized as much as is practically possible.

Considering the many years that aseptic technique has been established, actual practice is remarkably undefined and unstandardized.

As a consequence, the effectiveness of aseptic technique and practice has commonly been substandard and is accepted as a significant cause of health care acquired infection.

ANTT was the first contemporary comprehensive practice framework for aseptic technique. It addresses the historical weaknesses that have inhibited practice.

It provides health care workers with a logical practice framework which promotes safe and efficient aseptic technique.

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